GERDA FILES/PKG/GAB: Install zip packages from the file manager

by Luxferre

The GerdaOS file manager (from the GerdaOS project) aims to install omnisd packages. It needs three packages:

  1. GerdaOS file manager (;

  2. GerdaPkg (, to detect omnisd packages in the file manager;

  3. GAB Launcher (, to start the installation of the application.

These three packages work together, alone they are useless. Note that only will appear in the applications menu, the other two will be hidden services, just like

Download and unzip the three apps from here:

Note that this set of packages only allows the installation of other applications from the file manager, but does not allow you to jailbreak, and therefore obtain the privileged mode and development tools from the Settings menu. For this you need to install OmniSD or Wallace / Wallace-Toolbox.