KaiLive and KaiScr

scripts to mirror the screen and take screenshots, by Farooq Karimi Zadeh

KaiScr is a project released by Farooq Karimi Zadeh on notabug.org, written in Python, to take screenshot from a KaiOS/FFOS device and to mirror the screen of your phone.


  1. Plug the device in debug mode with an USB cable;

  2. Start the command adb forward tcp:6000 localfilesystem:/data/local/debugger-socket

  3. Download the repository from here and unzip the archive;

  4. Open a terminal into the folder and start the command python3 kailive.py to mirroring the screen of your phone on the computer.


Just run the script with -h:

python3 kaiscr.py -h


Just run the script and make sure you have forwarded the debug socket to port 6000(TCP):

python3 kailive.py

Press q to quit.